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Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Max
Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Max
Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Max

Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.

Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Max

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Product Description 
The Superfeet Run Pain Relief orthotic utilizes Therapeutic foam, Evolyte arch support and heel cup, along with an optimal independent heel stabilizer to support the foot helping your foot absorb impact from running walking. This reduces the repetitive stress that is placed on your feet from miles of walking and running. The increased durability of the superfeet insoles allow them to last up to 12-months long.

Running Niche Experience 
For individuals dealing with chronic plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain and other repetitive stress injuries related to the foot. This orthotic reduces the stress on the individuals arch by creating an artificial arch with the Evolyte carbon fiber stabilizer. This is a great option if your foot needs some extra support to allow you to run or walk pain free.

Brand Description: Superfeet 
Starting in 1962, Dennis Brown and Dr. Bill Pozer started superfeet designing insoles for ski boot for individuals who have had amputations. This orthotics had to be highly customized for the individual. In the 1965 they bought a laboratory to continue to cast molds and create sample orthotic products. In the 1970’s while trying to create a training program about fitting orthotics they developed a process for fitting boots with custom orthotics in less than a half hour. This breakthrough led to Superfeet orthotics being custom fit in the store. Now Superfeet is a 100% employee-owned business that makes a point to make a difference in the world. 1% of their annual sales along with more than 1,000 hours a year are donated to organizations that are working to shape a healthy future.

Technology: Independent Heel Stabilizer, Therapeutic Foam, MoistureWick, Evolyte Carbon fiber stabilizer cap

  • Independent Heel Stabilizer: Can be added in under the orthotic to add extra structure to support the heel minimizing movement in the shoe.
  • Therapeutic Foam: the foam adds cushion and reduces friction and hotspots for optimal fit and feel.
  • MoistureWick: helps wick away sweat keeping the foot dry along with long-lasting odor control
  • Evolyte Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Cap: Is used to create the heel cup and arch support. The carbon fiber provides a responsive and light weight design optimal for pain relief

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