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Altra Women's Torin 4.0 - Altra Running - Running Niche
Altra Women's Torin 4.0 - Altra Running - Running Niche
Altra Women's Torin 4.0 - Altra Running - Running Niche

Altra Running

Altra Women's Torin 4.0

$89.95 USD


Product Description 
Featuring Altro QUANTIC midsole foam, Torin is a durable, lightweight and really well cushioned neutral training shoe. It has a 0 mm drop, 26 mm stack height and weighs in at 9.1 oz. Torin also comes with a new engineered knit mesh upper which has good breathability, stretch and comfort. 

Running Niche Experience 
Altra’s in general fit slightly wide but with a narrow heel. Its oblique shaped forefoot allows plenty of toe room. There is no heel counter in the shoe so it has a very unconstructed feel which makes sense since the concept is all about natural gait and balance. The engineered mesh upper is quite nice and breathable and feels good when you step into it. Torin 4 is an excellent shoe for long aerobic runs.  The toe box has good volume and the shape allows for a good fit and they run true to size. The midsole foam provides a good ride, is resilient and very responsive. Torin 4 has a 2 mm lower stack height than Torin 4 Plush. 

Zero Drop™ Technology 
Zero Drop™ means that there is no difference between the heel and forefoot height. So, both are on a level plain. Altra believes this is a more balanced, natural way of running. 
The forefoot is oblique shaped which allows the toes to splay comfortably. 
High abrasion rubber is placed on strategic wear areas, which follow the shape of the foot. 

Brand Description 
Altra was born in the backroom of a specialty running store in the Wasatch Mountains. The concept is rooted in science that works with, not against, your body. 
Altra shoes are shaped like human feet. Their unobstructed FootShape toe box allows your toes to spread out and also lets your big toe remain in a straight and natural position. The brand also makes specific lasts for their men’s and women’s footwear for obvious reasons, they are different. For women’s they call it Fit4Her with a narrower heel yet a proper forefoot width. 
Zero drop is at the heart of Altra footwear. Its based on a barefoot concept, which Altra feels is more naturally balanced, level cushioning. It also encourages a more instinctive footstrike, less on the heel and more on the mid to forefoot. 

Stack Height: 26mm/26mm 
Drop: 0 mm 
Weight: 7.6 oz 
Upper: Engineered, Breathable mesh 
Midsole: QUANTIC foam compound cushioning 
Outsole: High abrasion rubber wear pads 
Toe Box: Medium 
Forefoot: Wide 
Heel: Narrow 

Women's Torin 4.0 - Running Niche 
Footwear||Women's Running||Neutral

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