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Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees - Running Niche
Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees - Running Niche
Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees - Running Niche
Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees - Running Niche
Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees - Running Niche
Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees - Running Niche

361 Degrees

Men's Strata 3

$154.95 USD

Product Description 

Strata is all about stability. The ride is very smooth and well cushioned but its main story is how well it provides stability. It comes with a TRU spine which falls right under the arch and protrudes upward into the midsole on the medial side. Additionally, Strata has a much firmer density foam on the medial side. It has an 8 mm drop and weighs in at 11.0 oz. 

Running Niche Experience 
We find the Strata 3 fits slightly narrow but true in length. It’s an outstanding stability shoe.  While a bit old school with its medial posting, some runners just enjoy that firmer feel under foot, particularly medially. Its heel counter is solid as well with some external support on both sides. It has a unusual tri-density midsole too with firm EVA on the medial side, softer under the lateral heel area, full length EVA/Rubber blend QU!K foam and a nice soft piece of compression EVA running from midfoot to toe. The lacing system is quite interesting too as it harnesses the foot from the inside via webbing on both the medial and lateral sides. This gives it an extra supportive feel. You can count on a tough durable shoe out of Strata 3. The stack height is 26 mm. 

Technology: Several Unique Features Combined 
361’s technologies are actually a combination of several elements which result in a very different, comfortable overall feel. The ultimate fit and feel are the sum of its parts. 

All 361’s have: 

  • QU!K Foam: An EVA rubber blend that provides an amazing combination of cushioning and responsiveness.  Proven to maintain a high level of energy return and long-lasting comfort throughout the life of the shoe. Layered above separate compression EVA layer.
  • Fitz Rite Midfoot: Utilized both internally and/or externally to wrap and secure mid-foot fit while alleviating unnecessary motion. 
  • Pressure Free Tongue: Anatomical pattern and super soft materials effectively remove pressure to the ankle during dorsiflexion.  Thin padding is also positioned to avoid stress to top of the foot.
  • QU!K Spine: Made of extremely strong yet lightweight carbon fiber.  This plate acts as a stabilizing force during mid-stance as the foot prepares itself for propulsion. The shaft also acts to maintain the integrity of the midsole to delay breakdown.
  • QU!K Flex Forefoot: Developed to address the natural movement of the metatarsals in the foot.  Flex grooves are positioned to mimic the motion of the foot to provide more natural and balanced toe-off. 

Brand Description: 361 Degrees 
One Degree Beyond is about more than just shoes. It’s a rally cry familiar to all achievers. And one that resonates with human aspiration. It’s a challenge. To do more. To see more of the world. To push yourself in every aspect of life. With 361 Degrees, don’t just run farther, faster, go One Degree Beyond. 

Stack Height: 26 mm/18 mm 
Drop: 8.0 mm 
Weight: 11.0 oz 
Upper: Breathable, seamless mesh 
Midsole: Tri-density foam with QU!K foam, firm medial density and compression EVA. 
Outsole: High abrasion rubber throughout. 
Toe Box: Shallow 
Forefoot: Narrow 
Heel: Medium 

Men's Strata 3 - 361 Degrees 
Men's Footwear||Men's Running||Moderate Stability

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