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About Running Niche

Running Niche occupies the “niche” of solving runners needs by providing highly functional yet unique running equipment. There are many under distributed, high quality running brands from around the world which are well-suited to the unique personal tastes and desires of runners. In addition to selling our products online, Running Niche is a independently-owned and operated local specialty run/walk retail store serving the St. Louis area. For the Running Niche brick-and-mortar location website please visit our website

We are located in the vibrant Grove neighborhood in the city of St. Louis. We strive to be a resource for running, walking, and connecting to others in our great city.

Please stop in the store or gives us a call at (314) 405-8006 and let us help you find the right shoes, bra or gear to help you with your fitness goals. Attend one of our free weekly run/walk groups and say hello!

Meet the Owners

Co-Owners Jennifer Henderson and Bob Dyer have deep running roots. Jennifer took up running 7 years ago and has completed several marathons and half marathons. Bob has a 2:21 marathon to his credit and has had a successful career in the footwear industry with Etonic Running, Puma, Brown Shoe Company and MBT. We look forward to seeing you in The Grove and joining you on your health and fitness journey!